Retirement and end of fight after SS-9: suspension

Today is the final day of the FIA European Rally Championship second round in the Canary Islands. The previous day ended with the Russian crew of Alexey Lukyanuk and Alexey Arnautov leadership. However, Saturday morning started with sad news for Lukas fans: guys retired after the ninth special stage finish (the first of the route today) due to an unfortunate suspension breakdown. The blow of the left front wheel to the curbstone became fatal. By the way, it was marked with number 13.

Alexey Lukyanuk, driver, “It happened in the left turn of the quick section, in the city part of the special stage; it was so… behind the wall. The wall was on the left side, the way out of the turn and its top were not seen, I had it recorded as “two minus”. In general it had to be attacked; apparently, I didn’t note that there is an adjacent walkway right behind the wall. And it wasn’t expected that I would go there, but… I twisted the car too much inside and it turned out that when the turn “opened” it was too late. I didn’t even notice this fatal step. We hit it with the edge of the disk and even the tyre remained intact, the wheel didn’t disassemble, but it cut all the bolts of the steering knuckle to the shock absorber fastening. The wheel is ok, but something in the suspension couldn’t stand it, although it doesn’t diminish my mistake. We need to think where its reason is because everything turned out quite strange”.