Rally “Liepaja” – Leg one

We ended the first day, it was quite difficult in terms of logistics. And in the morning we had to drive 150 km from Liepaja to Talsi, the day started there. Fortunately, we started at almost noon. There were only four special stages, but each of them was quite long.

As it was expected, our not optimal starting position affected the pace, so we lost a little in speed, there were also minor mistakes in the notes. Once, in the dust, I began to slow down late and missed the intersection, we lost 6-7 seconds.

In general, everything is going well! I’m very happy with the way we are driving, given our starting position; we manage to go relatively faster than those who start after us. Somewhere it doesn’t work, but this is a race. The fact that Craig Breen and Efren Llarena are now in the TOP-5 is a little bit disappointing. They leave for the special stages in the second or third ten, due to the fact that they didn’t try to set a good time in qualifications. They start on clean trajectories and due to this they take a lot of seconds and actually take points from us for the first day. Tomorrow we will have to take more risks, we are determined to win positions back. These are the plans. We are optimistic about the future, the settings we’ve made during the tests are working. We haven’t made any changes to date. I rarely don’t change the settings between special stages in Latvia, so it’s nice. We will try to get the maximum out of the car tomorrow and fight!