Rally Estonia: LEG 1

Today we’ve covered almost 130 kilometers, and tomorrow we have another 180 kilometers — it’s like a race in the European Championship – the distance is long, we need to be ready for it.
The day was fantastic, we got tremendous pleasure from the car, from the track, from working together. The pacenotes matched almost perfectly except for one moment (never rewrite the pacenotes!).
The car works very cool, there is a little lack of energy intensity of the suspension at the jumps – we grumble, but we take the heat (both we and the car) – so far so good. In terms of the pace, everything is excellent, it’s very cool!

It rained at the final special stage of the day and, unfortunately, Sean Johnston turned over before our passage. The SS was stopped for about 30 minutes, probably. Then we started again and almost got into the ditch in the second corner because it was slippery and the tires didn’t have time to warm up…

Now we are at the finish line of the day – it’s so cool! We’ll check the notes for tomorrow, get ready and rest. There’s a long day tomorrow!