Guys it is Rally

Lucas: I have a constant smile on my face, though somebody may not accept this approach to the matter. But… I have a feeling of full unity with the car and some magical control of it, regretfully, there was a mistake in pace-notes – one of the corners was too optimistic. We have done 45 kilometers before and everything was ideal, that’s why I was fully confident in the car and my abilities.

I started to enter the right corner too early, supposing it was fast corner, that corresponded to my notes, but it appeared to be harder and we touched the ditch on the exit. There was a ground bank in the ditch in some 20-30 meters and it launched us in the air, we rolled several times on the road. We are both Ok, couple of bruises I do not count.

Spectators said we were leading Osberg by 7 seconds by that point and it fully corresponds to my feeling that we were doing well. I felt we have to increase, as Mads is a seriuos fighter and first SS he was just getting ready. I was sure he will be faster on the second one. Though I was not risking, driving according to my feelings following the pace-notes. Regretfully the fault during recce, now I know why it happened, the previous corner was over the crest and I concentrated on it and paid less attention to the next one evaluating it less then it should be.

As usually, the lesson is expensive, but the speed is the core, and the confidence is still there – I want to drive again. And if there was an option to restart with Rally2, I will do it immediately, but the car is damaged badly and we will have the next chance on Barum only.

I am sorry for our fans. Guys it is Rally. I believe it is better to win couple of SS and retire than to drag behind at 5-10 position.