Alexey Lukyanuk opens the FIA European Rally Championship in Citroen С3 R5

Alexey Lukyanuk and Alexey Arnautov, who won the 2018 FIA European Rally Championship in the overall standings in the Ford Fiesta R5, will continue their performance in this series.

The crew will change the car to the new Citroen C3 R5, prepared by the French team SainteLoc. In the previous racing season SainteLoc took the second place in the ERC team standings and this year it plans to launch a new car, prepared in R5 class based on Citroen C3. Such famous drivers as Craig Breen, Emil Bergkvist, Timu Kyrge, Stephane Lefebvre, Siim Plange and others performed for the SainteLoc team.

Aleksey Lukyanuk, driver, “We chose a program for this season – it will be the European Championship. There was a difficult period of budget formation and it was necessary to decide on the team… Despite the last year success, it is still not easy to find financial support to participate in the international rally. The key factor was the interest of several European teams – we considered proposals that offered a partnership.

We’ve signed an agreement for the season with the French company SainteLoc and will compete in the European Rally Championship again, this time with the Citroen C3 R5. I saw the car in December, at the same time there were tests of the Skoda Fabia R5, but the SainteLoc team offer was the most interesting. 

The FIA ERC choice was reinforced by our partners interest due to the high media return that is provided by the ERC promoter Eurosport Event”.

“All Team Sainteloc is glad to welcome Lucas and Alex in the Team . We, Sainteloc wanted to be back on the way of victory, so it’s naturaly that we met some months ago and discussed with Lucas who is one of the best driver” – said Vincent Ducher, rally manager. “With our both new rocket, the Citroen C3 R5 and Lucas, we have a lot of job to do , but it will be a great challenge with The citroen racing and Michelin backing”.

In the nearest future the crew plans to visit the team location, where it will be necessary to set up all the controls of the new vehicle, change the seats, steering wheel, adjust the suspension, carry out tests and bring everything to the required level for the driver. On 21-23 March the crew starts at the first round of the FIA European Rally Championship in Portugal – the Azores Rally traditionally opens the season of the series.