Fafe first leg: rain and fog

The day was “interesting”, that is, it was slippery in the morning, because it was raining somewhere. Of course, it was not heavy, but the road was made unfit for traffic. During the recce if we noted one of the special stages as slippery, but in the morning almost all of them became slippery, except for the fourth one. And considering that we drove using a tough tires for such weather, they behaved well just at the last special stage, at the three previous ones we simply lost time.

We went ready to the second section, and the weather forecasts coincided with reality – it was raining. We chose tires that suited this weather slightly better, but the road turned into a huge mud puddle. So we slipped in different directions; sometimes we even managed to rise the speed, sometimes it was not very good to reduce it and therefore the crew shuddered nervously. We drove three special stages in the survival mode, and the fourth one, which was drier, we drove normally again, but we punctured a wheel right up to the finish, but it had almost no effect on the result – we lost probably a few seconds.